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By Stonebridge Ranch Smiles
May 09, 2017
Category: Oral Health

How your dentist in McKinney, Texas can protect your smiledental visits

Visiting your dentist regularly can mean the difference between a healthy, beautiful smile for life, and a mouth full of dental problems. You may not be experiencing any bad signs or symptoms, but you still need to visit your dentist regularly to ensure your smile is healthy. Dr. Kenneth Sharp at Stonebridge Ranch Smiles in McKinney, Texas wants to share the facts about the importance of regular dental care.

When you protect the health of your mouth, you are also protecting the health of your body. Regular visits to Dr. Sharp are the only way to determine if you have a dental problem. That’s because many dental problems including dental abscesses and decay are only visible with detailed x-rays and a comprehensive dental examination.

During your dental visit, Dr. Sharp will also perform an oral cancer screening to check for any abnormal soft tissue problems including tissue changes due to smoking. Having an oral cancer screening can save your life!

You should plan for a dental visit at least once every year and schedule a professional dental cleaning at least once every six months, more often if you have periodontal disease. Your dental hygienist can remove any soft and hard deposits on your teeth which provide a place for bacteria to thrive. The hygienist will also monitor your gums and bone support and show you ways to help maintain the health of your gums and teeth.

Regular dental visits help to fix dental issues while they are small. If you procrastinate, there is a good chance a small cavity can become large, needing a large filling, crown or even a root canal. Schedule a regular dental visit as part of your annual healthcare routine and it can save you time, money and needless dental pain. Get started today by calling Dr. Kenneth Sharp at Stonebridge Ranch Smiles in McKinney, Texas. Don’t wait, because your smile depends on it!